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Vectorworks Landmark software's 2019 version offers tools for streamlining landscape-specific design and BIM workflows. Landmark’s intelligent tools, such as plants, hardscapes, terrain models, automated irrigation tools, powerful databases and flexible documentation features, will help you produce 2D drawings and 3D models to easily design, analyse, present and work with other designers on projects. Applying geo-design processes in the planning of built and natural environments is simplified with integrated GIS file management. The built-in render engine, Renderworks, enables high-quality renderings can be created directly inside a Vectorworks design file. Renderworks is based on Maxon's CINEMA 4D, and includes a wide range of texture materials, and you can also use CINEMA 4D materials in your project.

So whether you're currently drawing by hand or working with a general CAD application, Vectorworks Landmark's intelligent, built-in objects, powerful databases, effective project sharing, and flexible documentation features will help you produce 2D and 3D concepts, analyse the pre- and post-development site conditions, and create construction documents to transform your business.


Vectorworks Landmark can import survey and mastermap data from a variety of different formats including DWG (AutoCAD), PDF, IFC (BIM-compatible software), Shapefile GIS files and many more. It's extremely "open," making it easy to work with professionals in other industries with ease. Point cloud data can be imported, together with a variety of 3D model formats, and even Sketchup, putting the whole Sketchup Warehouse at your disposal.


Use a variety of source data options to create an accurate model of the landform. Vectorworks can present the site in a variety of ways, including contours, or coloured slopes for site analysis. Vectorworks includes a Site Modifier tool with which to impose your design changes onto the terrain. Vectorworks will keep track of existing and proposed contours, and calculate the cut and fill requirements for the design.


Vectorworks Landmark includes a comprehensive suite of tools for modelling buildings and hard landscaping features. The Wall tool can be used to create solid walls in buildings, or its curtain wall mode is ideal for glazed buildings. The Hardscape tool is for paving and other surfaces and includes options for creating appropriate slopes and showing component build-up. The Roadway tools are ideal for conveying design intent for transport links. Schedules are available for all elements to keep track of the design.


Planting plans can be created with the powerful Plant tool that includes a wide range of plant symbols to suit different graphic styles. There's a library of ready-made plant content, and an extensive database of plant information to attach to your favourite symbols (over 6000 records). For massed or drift planting, these plants can be inserted into the Landscape Area tool which will plant by percentage rates. Plant schedules will make counting plants easy.


Vectorworks Landmark 2019 includes a comprehensive suite of tools for designing irrigation. It offers a range of industry standard catalogues of products, and understands the water pressure requirements, and will calculate pressure drop along the irrigation network.


Landscape Architects transitioning to a BIM workflow will be delighted with the landscape design features available within Vectorworks Landmark. Participating in BIM projects is easy because of Landmark's compatibility with IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), allowing your landscape design to be incorporated with the rest of the BIM model.


Renderworks is included with Vectorworks Landmark. It will enable you to enjoy realistic textures, accurate shadow mapping, transparency and reflections. In particular, Renderworks includes a library of photorealistic plant images that can be included within plant symbols. And talking of symbols, there are libraries of furniture and other landscape elements from a variety of manufacturers, ready to drop into the design.