Vectorworks Spotlight's 2019 version is the industry-leading software for entertainment design. In addition to 2D drafting and 3D modelling, realistic rendering and integrated database worksheets, Spotlight delivers advanced tools for the design and documentation of overhead stage trussing and rigging, lighting designs, easy objects to design events, enhanced stage creation abilities and more. Renderworks, the rendering engine based on Maxon's CINEMA 4D, is built in to the Vectorworks workspace, enabling you to create stunning rendered visuals. It includes a wide range of textures, and camera effect libraries for rendering stills and basic animation. Whether used for lighting, scenic, event, TV, theatre, film or exhibit design, Spotlight empowers designers to create unmatched entertainment experiences.

Vectorworks Spotlight is the industry's leading software for entertainment design. Vectorworks Spotlight provides 2D drafting, 3D modelling, realistic rendering, and integrated database worksheets. With Vectorworks 2019, Spotlight continues to deliver great and enhanced capabilities:

  • improved tools for the design and documentation of overhead stage rigging

  • enhanced stage creation abilities

  • improved lighting devices

  • graphical controls for event plans

and much, much more.


Vectorworks Spotlight is compatible with so many other CAD software products that it is easy to work with other professionals in the entertainment industry. You'll be able to import files in DWG (AutoCAD), PDF, a variety of 3D modelling formats, and even Sketchup, putting the Sketchup Warehouse at your disposal.


With the enhanced project sharing facilities in Vectorworks 2019, event, exhibition and entertainment designers are able to work on a project file simultaneously, without the need for complex referencing. Members of the team will be able to check out individual objects, work on them, and check them back in to the project. Project files can be saved in a variety of cloud storage facilities including Dropbox, so remote working is easy.


This suite of tools will enable you to rapidly develop a 2D and 3D model of the venue, including walls, stage, steps, seating and screens. These functionally-rich objects can then be refined with as much detail as you need to create stunning entertainment design. There are LED screens, TVs, Projectors, curtains, stage objects, including stage deck, and much more. The libraries include a range of event furniture, and plus orchestra symbols


Design accurate lighting plots with the extensive truss and lighting libraries that come with the software. It's easy to design your own truss with the Truss tool, but there's plenty ready-made. The Lighting Ladder and Lighting Pipe tools extend the range of light positions that can be created. The range of Lighting Instruments in Vectorworks Spotlight is huge. And it's updated regularly. The Photometric tools will assist with TV studio lighting. Lighting paperwork is easy as there's a range of ready-made reports, but it's so easy to design your own, so that you can pick up any data included in the design.


With Renderworks built in to Vectorworks, you'll be able to create photorealistic-style renders of your event all from within the Vectorworks Spotlight workspace. Renderworks is based on the high end rendering engine, CINEMA 4D, and includes a range of lighting and camera effects, togethe with a number of rendering styles and libraries of material textures.


Vision, a product of Vectorworks, Inc. is a previsualisation software. Light plots created in Vectorworks can be sent directly to Vision, from where you can set up the lighting desk from your laptop, without needing to set foot in the venue. When you're set up, just load the cues straight into the lighting desk saving hours of preparation time, and cost.


Vectorworks Spotlight 2019 offers the add-on, Braceworks, for which provides design, production, and rigging professionals with an easy way to gauge the performance of temporary entertainment structures under load to ensure safety and compliance with engineering standards. By adding Braceworks onto Spotlight, you now have a complete entertainment modelling, analysis, and documentation solution for the first time. This is an integrated system of model building enhancements and analysis tools. The modelling tools are present and available to all users of Vectorworks Spotlight and Vectorworks Designer.